“If you are getting married, The Wedding Dance To Remember DVD’s
are a must have for your wedding day!”

-Wendy Johnson,
“DANCING WITH THE STARS” choreographer

“…To this day, our wedding guests still compliment us on the dance.”
– Gary & Jenny Fike
“Josh, Your help with our first dance really made a huge difference and … a huge hit!…”
– Hulya Erbas Brake
“Learning our wedding dance was a once in a lifetime experience ..” -Amanda and Daniel Gabriel
“…Thanks for making me look like a star on our wedding day!…”
-Sam Brake
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Don’t waste $1,000’s at a dance studio! Learn at home with

Hello, my name is Joshua Love and I am a professional wedding dance choreographer. Couples just like yourselves have been coming to me for many years to help them prepare their perfect wedding dance. I along with my partner Mariela Busheva created the Wedding Dance to remember 3 dvd set because we know the challenges that you are facing leading up to your wedding day. We want to help you make it as easy as possible without breaking the bank!Here are some key features that you can expect from the Wedding Dance to remember DVD’s:

  • How to learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio.
  • The importance of listening to wedding music so that you will have the perfect wedding song.
  • Step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any situation.
  • Learn specific dances appropriate for your wedding, not just adapted ballroom lessons.
  • There are creative moves that are easy on the guys while still making him look cool and the ladies to look beautiful and graceful.
The 1st DVD is a beginner dance for couples that do not have much time to practice or who want something simple. The 2nd DVD is an intermediate dance for those who want to have a little more fun. The 3rd DVD is an advanced dance for couples that truly want to impress their family and friends.
So, no matter what your situation is, we have it covered!
Get ready to have a blast and save a ton of money by learning with “The Wedding Dance to Remember” in the comfort of your own home.

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