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Wedding Dance Seminar

Want to Learn to Dance for your Wedding?

J’Adore Ballroom, in Charlotte NC is offering a FREE Wedding Dance Seminar

Are you getting married this year?

Do you know anyone getting married?

This is the seminar for you!

J’Adore Ballroom, is having a Free-90 minute Wedding Dance seminar.

Saturday, March 1st

2:00 – 3:30 pm

We will be showing you and your fiance some of the key details that you will need to look nice for your first dance.

REGISTRATION IS REQURED: You must call and register(at no cost) because space is limited.

This is going to be a blast! It will start at 2:00 pm and finish at 3:30 pm. You and your fiance may also have a chance to win a free honeymoon which will be on a beautiful cruise. Call Josh Love at 704-533-2332 to register.

Learn a dance for your wedding


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Using a DVD to learn our wedding dance

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Your wedding dance moment

When you have dreamed about the perfect romantic moment all your life, when that moment finally comes, you want it to last forever. We are talking about the wedding first dance, and if you follow that logic (or that emotion), you can make the moment lose some of its magic. Your wedding day is approaching, and between now and then, you have a million decisions to make and there will definitely be little emergencies to attend to. The best approach is to find a quiet place with your intended, grab a pen and paper and a cup of your favorite relaxing beverage, and realize that your life-time of solving problems together has already begun. What you hope to accomplish when you plan your wedding is coordinate, and to eliminate all of the little things that can keep you from enjoying the day to the max. So, the following tips are to help you keep your wedding first dance in its place as one of your most romantic moments of the day.

Not too fast, not too slow

Chances are that the song you choose as your wedding dance song is a romantic melody with great lyrics that are full of meaning. You probably knew that would be your song the first time you listened to it together while sitting on the beach watching the night sky. Chances also are pretty good that the composer did not write the song with dancing in mind. So you will need to take that song for a spin. Try to dance to it. You may come to the uncomfortable realization that the song is too fast or too slow for dancing. If you are set on the song being a part of your wedding, perhaps you could have it playing in the background as you are cutting your cake…

The perfect length

It is safe to assume that the average song is 3-plus minutes in duration. Three minutes is no time at all if you are on a ride in an amusement park, but if you are boxing or dancing, three minutes is a long time. This is a problem for your guests because they will become bored, but it is also a problem for you because unless you are a world class dancer, you will be performing the same steps repeatedly for what will seem like an awfully long time. If your song is one of those songs in which the chorus seems to never end, this can also make the dance feel awkward. The best thing to do is to dance for about 1½ minutes, then have the DJ invite the other guests to dance with you for the remainder of the song.

Expanding your dance horizons

As mentioned above, many couples are limited in their ability to dance. The reality is that many people do not have the time or the resources to take dance lessons for their wedding first dance. However, now there is an affordable way for couples to take lessons for their first wedding dance. Actually, this is not just lessons; this is instruction from a wedding dance choreographer.

Joshua Love is a wedding dance choreographer who has spent many years helping couples with their wedding dance. He realized the problems and challenges that couples faced in trying to learn to dance and stay within their budget for their wedding expenses. This is why he got together with his partner Mariela Busheva and created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set. You can learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio. The complete set is incredibly affordable. Visit their website today to learn more and increase your dancing skills no matter what your skill set. Be sure to check out the section on the best wedding dance songs as well.


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Wedding dance lessons

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Realizing the need for dance lessons

Wedding dance lessons are as important as picking out your tuxedo. Whether we choose to admit it or not, the wedding day is steeped in many traditions and one of the strongest traditions is the wedding first dance. A little twinge of apprehension is felt every time the first dance is mentioned. You begin to realize how important it is because it comes up in conversation often. Apprehension turns to nervousness as you take in just how much time has been devoted to picking music for the wedding and the reception. You are less than confident that when it comes to a traditional dance, if you will be able to coordinate even the most rudimentary moves. This is when you seriously consider wedding dance lessons.

Set your dance goals

The pursuit of your wedding dance lessons needs to be taken with certain seriousness because you want to learn, but understand that this is a fun pursuit also. Like anything else, you want to establish a goal. Determine whether you are you interested in learning only the wedding first dance, or are you would like to learn two or three different dances to spend some serious time on the floor.  For example, you may want to learn a waltz, to salsa, and the Cha-cha. Having those three dances in your repertoire can keep you on the floor for quite a while.  Perhaps you and your intended would like to entertain and impress your guests with a choreographed wedding dance. It may be that you feel you simply need a refresher course to get your rhythm back. Whatever your motivation is, set the goal to keep you focused.

The next step is to determine where you plan to take lessons, and how much you are willing to spend. The truth is that very few people actually consider expenses for dance lessons in their wedding budget, yet there is so much emphasis placed on the first wedding dance. Chances are that as the day grows close, this has caught you somewhat off guard. Weddings are not something that we have a lot of experience with, and by no you have a clear understanding how things that are significantly important, can fall between the cracks and pop up at the last minute. You also need to consider how much time you have in your busy schedule to devote to private lessons. Most importantly, for many couples, adding an extra expense means cutting back on some other part of the wedding budget.

A fun and affordable option

If you are serious about dance instruction, and then got sticker shock when you enquired about lessons at a dance studio, there is still an opportunity for you to receive dance instruction from a wedding dance choreographer. Joshua Love, a renowned wedding dance choreographer has helped couples prepare for their wedding dance for many years. He recognized that many couples face the very same challenges when it comes to preparing for their wedding dance. So, Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set to help you prepare for your wedding dance in the easiest way possible without breaking the bank.

You can expect to learn a beautiful wedding dance in the comfort of your living room while saving the phenomenal amount of money that you would spend taking dance lessons at a studio. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any situation. You will learn specific dances appropriate for your wedding, not adapted ballroom lessons. Visit their website today and learn more about wedding dance lessons that cost less than diner and a movie.


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Dance lessons for my wedding

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Choosing that special wedding song for your first wedding dance

It is important to know how to choose the best wedding songs. Your wedding is a party on steroids… it is the biggest party of your life. You already know that if you do not pay attention to details, you will be sorry later. Your choice of music may or may not break your party but you still want to get it right. You want to create the ultimate playlist because you never know how a special song will affect the moment. So the two of you should find a quiet and happy moment and go through the exercise of putting together your play list of songs. It will be one of the most fun things that you do to prepare for your wedding.

The first song that you want to select is your first dance song. The first dance as a married couple is like the christening of a ship. It is definitely one of the highlights of your wedding day. It is one of your most anticipated memories. It is also a chance to share the personality of your relationship with friends and loved ones. So keep an open mind and be yourself when you pick your first dance song.

Assess your style

This is the time to ask yourself some honest questions like what kind of couple you are. At this point it would be very helpful to know what kind of wedding you are planning. Sit down and think about songs, but also consider your favorite artists. Favorite artists will definitely point you towards favorite songs. Getting back to who you are begs the question, are you given to tradition or are you progressive, or are you rebels. You need to consider if a certain genre of music, such as jazz or country music will give your wedding a cultural flavor that is important to you.

Important points about your wedding song

The song should really be about your relationship. If you were able to give everyone a snapshot of your relationship, your song should be it. The choice of song, as much as the song itself, should mean something to the both of you. Just for grins, you should consider the classics and love songs from the 40s and 50s. Ask your Grandparents for some suggestions. Be very careful to read the lyrics after you have chosen contemporary songs because words represent you as much as the music. Some songs sound romantic but their words are actually a break up love song. Whatever you decide on, make it the one you want because after all, it is your party.

Remember you have to dance too

Do not make the classic mistake of waiting for the last minute to prepare for your first dance. Did you ever imagine that you could get dance lessons from a wedding dance choreographer? You can and you will not need to break the bank or cut something from the wedding budget.

Joshua Love and is a professional wedding dance choreographer who has been working with couples helping them prepare for their wedding dance for many years. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they know the challenges that you are facing leading up to your wedding day. With this wedding dance DVD set, you can prepare for any wedding dance, regardless of your skill level. The beautiful part is that you can learn in the privacy of your own living room for less than the price of your first date. The DVD is also a great way for you to decide on a wedding dance song. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any dance situation. Visit the site today and learn more about the best wedding songs for your first dance.


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wedding music

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Learning to dance after you have your wedding music

Are you ready with your best wedding music? The planning for your wedding is probably chugging along like a well oiled machine. You may have spent countless hours on picking out a dress that should be to die for and your wedding colors were probably your first order of business. Once those details and the food has been decided upon, it is time to pay some attention to the music. With the exception of the first wedding dance, for many couples the music can be an afterthought, but at the end of the day it’s the music that gives your wedding an ambiance and warmth that will be memorable. After all, music is a key factor during almost every moment of the day, from the walk down the aisle to your reception finale. More importantly, music is a reflection of your personalities. We are not trying to move music to the top of the list, but consider the following tips that will save you some uncomfortable moments.

Make your first dance memorable, not tiring

Do not make your guests stand around waiting for your entire dance. Create a designated time for your attendants to join you on the floor during the final few minutes of the dance. Or you can pre-arrange with the DJ to make an announcement for everyone to join you on the floor. The decision is yours, but this should be a consideration, especially is your song is a long one.

Do not start off in silence

All the focus and the attention is on the entrance of the bride, so it is easy to forget that there is likely be 20 minutes to an hour where guests are sitting in the venue waiting for the service to start. Ambiance is everything. This would be a great time for some upbeat easy listening music. Think of it as being the opening act, and you are the headliner. Everyone will be in a mood for a wedding when you begin your march.

The venue affects sound

Many couples choose a destination wedding. Brides and grooms need to take into consideration how the venue affects sound, for example, saying your vows in a natural setting with waterfalls in the foreground may be beautiful and romantic, but that waterfall may be all that you can hear on the wedding video, or the waves crashing, or the wind on a blustery hilltop. That does not mean that you cancel the destination, just keep in mind that you may need microphones. Could you imagine not being able to hear the first dance music?

Be mindful sensitive venues

It is your wedding, but if it is in a church, have a modicum of decorum when it comes to ceremony  and the background music. Most churches and synagogues have rules and restrictions that may affect your choice of music that can be played as you walk down the aisle.

The “no play” list

It is always a good idea to provide a must-play list for the DJ, but sometimes it is more important to present him or her with a short do-not-play list. You certainly do not want a song with painful associations to pop up for anyone. What could be more embarrassing than your grandmother, or your aunt the nun, sitting through a song with r-rated lyrics.

Prepare for your first dance

What good is a picture perfect moment camera man is shaky? You have picked the perfect song, you had a beautiful ceremony and you are both dressed to the nines. It is time for the first dance, and this is no time to discover that the groom has two left feet. This is no time to wing it because the camera is rolling. The good news is that no matter what your skill level is, you can get professional help from a wedding dance choreographer.

At this point you are probably thinking that you cannot afford this. However, Joshua Love, a renowned wedding dance choreographer realized that so many couples are challenged by making their dreams align with their budget. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set to help you create the perfect first dance without breaking the bank. In fact, the DVD set costs about the same as your first date. You can learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio. Visit their website for more information and do not forget to sign up for the Honeymoon vacation contest. Check it out, and you will be ready with your best wedding music.


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Wedding Dance

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Capturing the wedding and the first wedding dance

If you are wondering why it is important to have a wedding video, it is because no two weddings are ever the same. Hopefully, there will never be two weddings that are the same. Weddings should be like snowflakes, each one should be as different as the individuals at the altar. One of the questions that newlyweds always face is will they record their wedding on video, and will they pay the expense of a professional videographer, or will they ask a friend or relative with a camera to capture the moments. No one can decide that for you, but just bear in mind that video captures an event in a way that photographs cannot. Just as Photos capture snapshots that tell the story in a different way from videos.

The reasons for people to decide on a wedding video vary with each couple. Some couples think that video is a waste of money because they spend so much on photography. This is perfectly fine but there are some moments that seem to just be created for the express purpose of videography. Two of those moments that come to mind are the sharing of the vows and the couple during their first dance. For example, a professionally shot video that pans from the bride to the groom as they exchange vows. Envision a cut-away to the mothers as they watch their son or daughter at the altar. Imagine a slow pan up and to the left as the father gives the bride away. Split screens can show the genuine emotions of friends, relatives and guests during the ceremony. There are so many moments to capture during the wedding ceremony.

Capturing the wedding reception and the first wedding dance

One place a videographer will get the essence of the day is at the reception. You will reminisce as you hear and see the sights and the sounds of laughter and conversation of your guests. The highlight of the party and the second biggest moment of the day will be the first dance of the newlyweds. The audio alone will generate fond memories as the couple will listen to their special song being played. Then the visage of them moving across the floor in step with each other as the videographer captures close ups of the look on their faces. No one can tell you what is best for your wedding, but video recording the wedding and reception is rarely, if ever regretted.

Preparing for your first dance

It seems that every important moment of the wedding is rehearsed except the newlywed first dance. This is because it is part of the reception; hence, it is just assumed that the couple will pull off a simple slow dance across the floor. Your dance should be every bit the perfect moment that you want it to be. Whatever music you choose and whatever your dance, you can get the perfect music and the perfect dance for your music all choreographed and taught to you by a wedding choreographer.

Joshua Love is a professional wedding dance choreographer. Couples have been coming to him for many years to help them prepare their perfect wedding dance. Along with his partner, Mariela Busheva, they created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they know the challenges that you are facing leading up to your wedding day. You can learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any situation. Visit the website today and learn more about this fantastic offer. Make your wedding day and your wedding video as special as they can be.


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Learning to dance at your wedding

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We are becoming a nation of dancers

This recent trend can be attributed to the fact that dancing has come to the forefront of the public consciousness, as the television airwaves are experiencing a logjam of dancing shows from the US, France, Britain, Korea, and the Philippines just to name a few. The trend is popular and it is a good thing because dancing whether it is two people or twenty people, requires the participants to work together and to collaborate. The funny thing about wedding trends is that they can in a few short years become a tradition. The celebration that we hold in high esteem, the wedding, is in a way, a reflection of society in general. It is actually quite refreshing to see people take the time to work out their dance steps as life imitates art. The most intriguing question these days what will happen during the first wedding dance.

The first dance of your wedding is the expression of a new generation who feels the freedom to inject more of their own personality into a time-honored tradition. Traditionalists still have no need to fear. Nothing will ever completely replace the romantic appeal of the first dance for husband and wife. Just remember, next time you are at a wedding and you are ready to take a video of that first dance, make sure that your batteries are charged and you have plenty of memory left because the first dance might last for a while.

Preparing for your own dance

As your wedding day draws closer, you will know exactly what you choose to do for your wedding dance. Whether you choose a traditional slow romantic dance, a salsa, or an advanced routine from your favorite video; you can do anything you choose and you do not need to worry about missing a step because you can take dance lessons to prepare you for your big day. Ordinarily, dance lessons can cost you thousands, but you can sharpen your skills, or just plain learn to dance, from a wedding dance choreographer, for about the same price as a first date.

Joshua Love is a wedding dance choreographer who has worked with countless couples to choreograph their wedding first dance. He has his finger on the pulse of wedding dance trends and knows that couples want to make that first dance special and sometimes the biggest challenge is just keeping step. So he and his partner, Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set to help you make it as easy as possible without breaking the bank. You will learn wonderful wedding dances from the comfort of your living room. You will learn step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any situation. Visit their website to learn the best wedding dances that are appropriate for your wedding.


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Here is a Blog Post that we have written for Houston Wedding Showcase. If you’re looking to choreograph your wedding dance, you just have to read this article first.

What you need to know when preparing for your wedding day?

There are many things that can cause extreme stress when preparing for a wedding. Firstly, the couples will need to choose the ideal date for their wedding day. This is considered as a stressful job to do already for the couples since there are things that are needed to take into account such as the availability of the guest, weather condition during the said date, budget for the wedding and many other related things when getting married. Another thing that can cause stress to the couples when preparing for the wedding is the selection of motif to use for their special day. Besides from the motif, the couples will need to locate the perfect supplier for the things needed especially when considering the budget. Most people are facing this step of preparation as stressful since there are many searches needed to be made in order to make their wedding day perfect.

Read the full article here


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Wedding first dance

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Prepare for your wedding dance

Your first dance as husband and wife will set the tone, at your reception. It is as if no one can dance or socialize until everyone has watched the two of you undertake your first endeavor as a couple. In fact that dance symbolizes your first steps together. Every couple wants to make an outstanding first and lasting impression on family, friends, and guests. Considered to be a time-honored tradition, your wedding dance symbolizes your pursuit of life together and the fun and romance you will share every step of the way.

It is important that you gain the confidence and skills to make your dance the romantic moment that becomes a lasting memory that is worthy of cherishing. In other words, your first dance needs planning, preparation and practice. The emphasis is on practice, but that does not mean it has to be boring. The fact that you are learning to dance for your wedding makes this a fun and rewarding experience. It also will serve as the perfect stress reliever as the wedding day draws closer and the anxieties of coordinating the wedding ceremony begin to mount. Dance lessons offer you an opportunity for exercise, which in itself is a great stress reliever. Dance lessons are also a teambuilding exercise that helps to bring you closer to each other as you begin your life together.

Tips to prepare for your wedding dance

Start early… This will allow you sufficient time to practice and you will gain confidence as time goes by. If you are not used to dancing, this will help you develop a rapport together so that your dance is natural and easy.

Practice, practice, practice… Work on it until you have become completely familiar with it. This may sound boring, but this is how singers and dancers make their work look so effortless. They have practiced until they can go through the steps with their eyes closed. Once you have it down, you will be surprised at how easy it is to improvise and add extra little twists to your dance

Video record your practice… You will get the best understanding of your progress, and this will do two things. Inspire you to practice and encourage you as you get better. After you view the video you will be astounded by the difference your dance lessons made.

Incredibly affordable dance lessons

I am sure that by this time you are thinking that this venture will be just another added expense to an already expensive venture. The truth is that you can learn to dance and have a great time right in the privacy of your own living room. No worries about traffic or making it to class on time, all for a price that is less than the cost of a first date.

Renowned wedding dance choreographer, Joshua Love realized that couples just everywhere face many challenges as their day approaches, including preparing for the wedding dance. Joshua has helped couples prepare their perfect wedding dance for many years now. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they want to help you make it as easy as possible without breaking the bank. Visit their website today and get more valuable information on this easy and affordable way to take wedding dance lessons for your wedding first dance in the comfort of your living room.


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First dance wedding

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No way out of that first dance

The first dance wedding anxieties are normal and common. What is uncommon is all the ways that people deal with that anxiety. Have you ever witnessed how some young couples interact as their wedding date gets closer? Undoubtedly, they are starting to feel the stress as the day approaches, and as everyone has different ways of dealing with stress, it becomes obvious that some people do not handle it very well. Some people turn inward and become a little withdrawn; some are giddy and almost immature, while others become grumpy, contentious and unhappy. The fact is that they are all simply displaying their coping skills.

There are a lot of things that you can be stressed about, and some carry a secret anxiety about their first wedding dance. There are a lot of expectations for both the bride and the groom regarding the first dance, and sometimes people are secretly embarrassed about the fact that they cannot dance very well. Ballroom dancing is enjoyed by millions of people, and yet many young people today are not familiar with the waltz and other slow dances with specific steps. The answer to the solution is to take dance lessons or to hire a wedding dance choreographer. Both solutions will cause extra expense to an already expensive venture. What some couples have done is changed from a traditional dance to something more contemporary, but many have envisioned that they want nothing less than their traditional dance.

Advice from a wedding dance choreographer

Joshua Love is a professional wedding dance choreographer. Joshua knows his way around a reception dance floor, as he has been helping couples to prepare for their perfect wedding dance for several years. Joshua and his partner, Mariela Busheva, have created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they understand the pressures, the stress, and even the embarrassment of not knowing how to dance for their first wedding dance, which only adds to the stress of the wedding day.

Joshua and Mariela also want this endeavor to be as easy as possible as well as being comfortably affordable. The DVD set is not just for couple who cannot dance. The set also includes intermediate to advanced discs for couples who want to take their dancing to the next level. This is an opportunity for you and your fiancé to have some fun, work together creatively and even find a selection of music that will find the perfect music for your reception. The lessons are extremely easy to learn and are designed to be applied to any situation. Visit the website today be sure to read about the honeymoon vacation contest, and you will also gain valuable information that will prepare you for your first wedding dance together.


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