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A wedding song about love

Of all the millions of songs ever composed the vast majority are love songs. It will never be hard to find a love song for a wedding dance. Finding the right one is simply a matter of personal choice. One of the longest standing traditions of the modern wedding is the first dance between the bride and groom. This is a long held dream for many a young lady, to dance with her new husband with music playing their favorite song… a scene that Hollywood has romanticized and choreographed for decades. The wedding first dance is the perfect storm of music, emotion, passion, and adventure all perfectly choreographed into romantic and sweeping moments across the floor.

High energy alternatives

The waltz and the foxtrot are popular choices for weddings, usually because of the smooth, gliding movements required. Many romantic melodies lend themselves easily to these dances. Some couples choose to dance a medley, where they start out nice and slowly to a lilting romantic tune that breaks out into a high energy song and dance. There is also a myriad of cultural dances that a couple may choose in order to honor their respective cultural associations. Sometimes the couple wants to demonstrate their ability to have fun by leading the whole reception in an old fashioned disco dance, or a soul train line. The latest trend is couples choreographing a “Harlem Shake” with the help of several or all the guests. One just never knows when a flash mob will turn up for a first wedding dance. The alternatives are endless, and no less loving in the eyes of the couples that choose them.

Make your wedding dance sparkle

The dance is special, so make an effort to practice and polish your dance so that you will dazzle your friends and family. The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to you as you appear on the dance floor. The problem is that many couples have at least one partner that does not know how to dance… or feels insecure in their abilities.

The answer to your dancing woes

Joshua Love is a renowned wedding dance choreographer who realized that there are countless couples who are anxious about their wedding dance because they may lack total confidence in their skills on the dance floor. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they know that many people want to make the most of their romantic dance on their wedding day, but they cannot afford the thousands that dance lessons can take from the wedding budget.

The DVD set will help you with every phase of the wedding dance, from how to choose your wedding song as well as instruction for dancers of every level. You will receive step by step teaching that is designed for any situation. Learn creative moves that are easy on the guys while still making you look cool and the ladies will glide beautifully and gracefully across the floor. Visit their website for more valuable information and learn how you can prepare for your perfect wedding dance form a wedding choreographer in the privacy of your own living room.



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