Frequently asked questionsMariela and Josh

My fiancé  doesn’t really want to take dance lessons, what should I do?
This is very understandable! Most men do not want to go to a dance studio because of manly reasons. The cost is also an issue. Normal wedding dance routines or dance lessons can cost $1,000 – $5,000 at a studio. With the Wedding Dance to remember you can learn in your own home and your entire wedding dance cost less than $60. You should start by trying to find out exactly why your fiancé  does not want to take lessons because we have probably covered all of the possible reasons in our dvd’s.
How do we pick a good wedding song?
The most important thing about your wedding song is that it needs to be special to both of you! It should have meaning to you! The rhythm can be fast or slow. Slower is normally more romantic and most people think that it looks better as well. If you have questions about your song you can go to the menu button on the home page that says “Popular wedding songs” or send us an email and we will help you.
My fiancé  thinks he is going to look like a girl and his friends will laugh at him if he takes dance lessons for our wedding. What should I do?
This is a very common concern! This is one of the main reasons we created this program. The 3 dances were specifically designed to make the guys look cool while he really doesn’t have to do very much. The ladies have the elegant more complicated part. His friends will end up thinking he is a really good dancer and your friends will be jealous that he is taken off the market! 
My fiancé  doesn’t think that it is necessary for us to have a special dance for our wedding. I really want one, so what should I do?
This is a tough situation. This is a special moment that you will both remember and cherish forever! It must be special! You do not want to be like everyone else and wobble and stumble around in front of your family and friends on the most important day of your life! Tell your fiance that if they have this special dance with you, it will make the wedding so much more special for you and that you will be the best husband or wife ever. That should work!
How big does our dance floor need to be at our wedding?
Well, bigger is better. The smallest floor that we would recommend is 10X10 feet. Having a bigger floor is always nicer because you don’t have to worry about running out of space.
Our reception is outside. Where should we dance?
Outside receptions are wonderful, but it does make it a little harder to dance. There are a few options. You can dance on any hard service with your normal dress shoes. Dance shoes are great, but not necessary. We have also had couples dance our routines on the beach without wearing any shoes. Some couples actually install a small dance floor outside. Just keep an eye on the weather because you don’t want to have to pay the rental company for a replacement.
How long does our wedding dance need to be?
Your dance can be as long as you want. Normally you want to come out and wow everyone and then leave them wanting more. Many couples do the opposite. You have probably seen friends or family at their wedding wobble around for 5 minutes while you are just waiting for it to be over. So, we recommend 1 1/2 – 2 minutes. This is the ideal length, but if you really want to go longer that is ok too!
My fiancée  thinks that she already knows  how to dance. This makes it very difficult for me to learn. What should I do?
Many people have had a few dance lessons in their lives. Many ladies have taken ballet, tap, or jazz as a kid. They will assume that they already know how to dance. A wedding dance is very different. You must both be patient with each other and work together without pointing blame while you are practicing. Just watch Joshua and Mariela and try to copy what they are doing while making it fun creating something special together.
I am having trouble getting my fiancé  to dedicate enough time to practice our wedding dance. How much time do we need to practice?
This is a common issue. Many people are over worked and are just plain tired when they get home. The time really depends on when your wedding day is. We would suggest at least 1-2 hours per week for a few months. This would be ideal, but many can not do this. We have worked with couples that started a year before their wedding and some couples that have a few days. So, if you have your wedding in 2 weeks or 2 months…do what you can. It’s like playing a sport. The more you practice the better you will be! Have fun!