2nd Honeymoon Vacation Giveaway

Yes! You did read this correctly. We are giving away a totally free honeymoon for 2. Every December 25th, we will choose a lucky couple and send them on a beautiful cruise that will be sailing to a tropical location. Now there are a few details that you need to read before you just jump in and enter the contest. It is very simple, but you might want to ask your significant other too because you will both be in the spotlight. If you enter you will be featured on our YouTube channel, our Facebook page, numerous magazine ads, our website, and lots of other media outlets. Overall, you might be famous for a while. Now if all that sounds great then you are ready for the details. Here is a list of 4 things that you must do to enter:

  1. Purchase  “The Wedding Dance To Remember” 3 DVD Set..
  2. Post a photo on our facebook page of you and your new spouse holding our 3 dvd set, along with a testimonial of your experience. 
  3. Next, post a video below your picture of you both dancing your wedding dance.
  4. Encourage your friends and family to go and “LIKE” your video directly on our facebook page. Couples with the most “LIKE”s win!

That’s it, you’re registered! It’s time to start packing!  The lucky couple will be notified on December 25th and the results will also be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and website pages.

* We will contact you when we have posted your video on our YouTube channel and Facebook page so that you can spread the word. You will also be notified when we have tallied up all of the “Likes” to see which lucky couple has won.

*2nd honeymoon giveaway includes cruise for 2, for a 3-4 day cruise to the Caribbean. Taxes, transportation to cruise, port, alcohol purchases or any extra excursions is not included. You may contact us at any time if you have additional questions.

~”The Wedding Dance to Remember”