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Changing times and expectations for your first wedding dance

To be perfectly honest, many young people today can become quite anxious at the thought of the first wedding dance. Times have certainly changed the way that young men and women are raised with regard to social expectations. It is not for us to judge whether things are better or worse, it is more than likely because attitudes have changed and in some ways, the world is more casual and less formal. Many men and women of the baby boomer generation remember that one of the rights of passage, or more like a mandatory exercise, was the obligation to take dancing lessons on Saturday mornings during the middle school years. During those times, every young man was expected to learn to dance a waltz and one or two other ballroom dances. During those days, it was necessary preparation for different social settings. Much as one is taught table etiquette, and how to tie a bowtie. It should also be noted that in those days, debutante balls and community organizations such as the Rotary and many fraternal organizations often sponsored galas. Hence formal dances of some sort were expected as part of growing up.

Today, the world has taken a much more casual approach to social settings, hence, black tie, galas and sponsored events are rarities. Most young men and young women have not necessarily been exposed to the need to learn ball room dance. This means that when many people get married, they are more than likely, unprepared for the wedding first dance. Sometimes there is a lot of anxiety around the planning of the first dance when it should be a highlight event for a couple on their wedding day.

A fast and affordable solution to learning to dance

Fortunately, a couple can overcome this anxiety with dance lessons that are fast and affordable. Renowned wedding dance choreographer, Joshua Love, has helped couples prepare for their wedding dance for years. He is a first-hand witness to the pressures and anxieties that men and women experience around preparation for their traditional wedding dance.

Joshua, along with his partner, Mariela Busheva, created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they understand the challenges that people face in preparing for their wedding day. Weddings are not an inexpensive venture and they have found a way to help couples learn to dance without breaking the bank. You can expect from the “Wedding Dance to Remember” DVD set will allow you to learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving thousands of dollars that you would normally spend taking studio dance lessons.

The DVD set will teach you the importance of listening to wedding music so that you will have the perfect wedding song. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any situation. You can learn several specific dances that are appropriate for your wedding, not just adapted from ballroom lessons. You will go from being anxious, to ruling the floor as you learn creative moves that are easy on the guys while making them look cool; and the ladies will glide across the floor looking beautiful and graceful on your wedding first dance.



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