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Learning to dance after you have your wedding music

Are you ready with your best wedding music? The planning for your wedding is probably chugging along like a well oiled machine. You may have spent countless hours on picking out a dress that should be to die for and your wedding colors were probably your first order of business. Once those details and the food has been decided upon, it is time to pay some attention to the music. With the exception of the first wedding dance, for many couples the music can be an afterthought, but at the end of the day it’s the music that gives your wedding an ambiance and warmth that will be memorable. After all, music is a key factor during almost every moment of the day, from the walk down the aisle to your reception finale. More importantly, music is a reflection of your personalities. We are not trying to move music to the top of the list, but consider the following tips that will save you some uncomfortable moments.

Make your first dance memorable, not tiring

Do not make your guests stand around waiting for your entire dance. Create a designated time for your attendants to join you on the floor during the final few minutes of the dance. Or you can pre-arrange with the DJ to make an announcement for everyone to join you on the floor. The decision is yours, but this should be a consideration, especially is your song is a long one.

Do not start off in silence

All the focus and the attention is on the entrance of the bride, so it is easy to forget that there is likely be 20 minutes to an hour where guests are sitting in the venue waiting for the service to start. Ambiance is everything. This would be a great time for some upbeat easy listening music. Think of it as being the opening act, and you are the headliner. Everyone will be in a mood for a wedding when you begin your march.

The venue affects sound

Many couples choose a destination wedding. Brides and grooms need to take into consideration how the venue affects sound, for example, saying your vows in a natural setting with waterfalls in the foreground may be beautiful and romantic, but that waterfall may be all that you can hear on the wedding video, or the waves crashing, or the wind on a blustery hilltop. That does not mean that you cancel the destination, just keep in mind that you may need microphones. Could you imagine not being able to hear the first dance music?

Be mindful sensitive venues

It is your wedding, but if it is in a church, have a modicum of decorum when it comes to ceremony  and the background music. Most churches and synagogues have rules and restrictions that may affect your choice of music that can be played as you walk down the aisle.

The “no play” list

It is always a good idea to provide a must-play list for the DJ, but sometimes it is more important to present him or her with a short do-not-play list. You certainly do not want a song with painful associations to pop up for anyone. What could be more embarrassing than your grandmother, or your aunt the nun, sitting through a song with r-rated lyrics.

Prepare for your first dance

What good is a picture perfect moment camera man is shaky? You have picked the perfect song, you had a beautiful ceremony and you are both dressed to the nines. It is time for the first dance, and this is no time to discover that the groom has two left feet. This is no time to wing it because the camera is rolling. The good news is that no matter what your skill level is, you can get professional help from a wedding dance choreographer.

At this point you are probably thinking that you cannot afford this. However, Joshua Love, a renowned wedding dance choreographer realized that so many couples are challenged by making their dreams align with their budget. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set to help you create the perfect first dance without breaking the bank. In fact, the DVD set costs about the same as your first date. You can learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio. Visit their website for more information and do not forget to sign up for the Honeymoon vacation contest. Check it out, and you will be ready with your best wedding music.


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