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Choosing that special wedding song for your first wedding dance

It is important to know how to choose the best wedding songs. Your wedding is a party on steroids… it is the biggest party of your life. You already know that if you do not pay attention to details, you will be sorry later. Your choice of music may or may not break your party but you still want to get it right. You want to create the ultimate playlist because you never know how a special song will affect the moment. So the two of you should find a quiet and happy moment and go through the exercise of putting together your play list of songs. It will be one of the most fun things that you do to prepare for your wedding.

The first song that you want to select is your first dance song. The first dance as a married couple is like the christening of a ship. It is definitely one of the highlights of your wedding day. It is one of your most anticipated memories. It is also a chance to share the personality of your relationship with friends and loved ones. So keep an open mind and be yourself when you pick your first dance song.

Assess your style

This is the time to ask yourself some honest questions like what kind of couple you are. At this point it would be very helpful to know what kind of wedding you are planning. Sit down and think about songs, but also consider your favorite artists. Favorite artists will definitely point you towards favorite songs. Getting back to who you are begs the question, are you given to tradition or are you progressive, or are you rebels. You need to consider if a certain genre of music, such as jazz or country music will give your wedding a cultural flavor that is important to you.

Important points about your wedding song

The song should really be about your relationship. If you were able to give everyone a snapshot of your relationship, your song should be it. The choice of song, as much as the song itself, should mean something to the both of you. Just for grins, you should consider the classics and love songs from the 40s and 50s. Ask your Grandparents for some suggestions. Be very careful to read the lyrics after you have chosen contemporary songs because words represent you as much as the music. Some songs sound romantic but their words are actually a break up love song. Whatever you decide on, make it the one you want because after all, it is your party.

Remember you have to dance too

Do not make the classic mistake of waiting for the last minute to prepare for your first dance. Did you ever imagine that you could get dance lessons from a wedding dance choreographer? You can and you will not need to break the bank or cut something from the wedding budget.

Joshua Love and is a professional wedding dance choreographer who has been working with couples helping them prepare for their wedding dance for many years. Joshua and his partner Mariela Busheva created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they know the challenges that you are facing leading up to your wedding day. With this wedding dance DVD set, you can prepare for any wedding dance, regardless of your skill level. The beautiful part is that you can learn in the privacy of your own living room for less than the price of your first date. The DVD is also a great way for you to decide on a wedding dance song. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any dance situation. Visit the site today and learn more about the best wedding songs for your first dance.


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