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Wedding first dance emotions

Choosing wedding first dance songs, for many couples, is a grab-bag of emotions. It seems like just about every aspect of planning for the wedding, it is an emotional time. A lot of people do not know how to deal with all the important issues that seem to cascade upon them from the moment they decided to tie the knot. The list of emotions can be long… happiness, exhilaration, anticipation, stress, anger, and exasperation to name a few. A task that seemingly should be fun can turn into one disagreement after another. Most likely, it is just nerves, and this article will help you get past that, and on to the business of picking your wedding dance song.

Define the song, and then name the song

The first dance is your statement that you want to make about your new life together, so define a song before you pick it. You and your intended may hold similar tastes in music, this can make the process rather easy, but it is better if you know your intent and purpose behind the song. Remember that you are discussing a significant part of your wedding, which is driven by certain sentiments, and so should your song be. Agreeing on the parameters for the song is like creating ground rules, and if a disagreement should arise, then you both fall back on whether the song follows with the statement you want to make.

Choosing your type of dance helps narrow the choices of music

Define the type of dance you want to dance… this goes a long way towards choosing a song. For example, there is a big difference between a classic waltz and a meringue, so know the dance will certainly narrow your selection of music. Your dance will say as much about you as your song. Will you want to begin with your first dance being high energy, or a traditionally romantic slow dance? Are you a couple of offbeat, “out of the box” thinkers? Then you will most likely agree on something that reflects your personalities.

Just remember that you are not choosing a wedding song based on what your friends and family might think, it is your first statement together and it should be about you. Focus on what the two of you want, and when you are choosing the song, visualize yourselves dancing together and smiling. For those few moments that the song is played and when you are dancing, it will be your magic moment of perfection.

Make the dance fun

A lot of times the music is driven by the ability of the couple to dance. There is no need to limit your choices. You can learn to dance without spending thousands on lessons. In fact, you can learn most any dance you desire for less than the price of a first date. Wedding dance choreographer, Joshua Love has helped couples put their wedding dance together for years and realized that many couple would love the opportunity to receive dance instruction, but could not afford it, or they could not fit lessons into their schedule.

Joshua Love, along with his partner Mariela Busheva, created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set because they know the challenges that couples face leading up to their wedding day. Now you can learn to dance without breaking the bank. You will receive step by step beginner through advanced instruction that is designed for any dance situation. You will learn your desired dances for your wedding, not just adapted ballroom lessons. Visit their website today for great suggestions for your wedding first dance song, and get some great ideas for music as well.


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