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Wedding related anxiety to wedding dance lessons

If you are planning a wedding soon, along with the myriad of details that pop up anew as the day grows closer, let me add another… wedding dance lessons.  Few events in our lives are as anticipated as the wedding day. If the bride and groom are completely honest, they will tell you that they are growing more anxious as the day draws closer. Usually these anxieties have little to do with their commitment to each other. Their anxieties are based upon months of planning coming down to their special day going off without any unpleasant surprises. For example, if the wedding is outdoors, they worry  if it will rain. Will everyone get their tux on time? The bride is concerned that the one bridesmaid, who has been late for everything since grade school, will also be late for the wedding.  Will everyone show up for the rehearsal?  Then there is the dread that both the bride and groom carry concerning what the best man will say during his celebratory toast. However, the most common anxiety encountered beyond the wedding ceremony is the performance of the wedding dance.

The four biggest traditions that involve the wedding day are saying the vows, the father giving away his daughter, the tossing of the bouquet, and the bride and groom sharing a first dance. When it comes to the wedding dance, one or both partners are doing not know how to dance or lack the confidence that they can perform the dance without some sort of misstep. Then there is the groom who feels like he can dance a little, but his bride expects a dramatic elaborate tango. That is a lot of anxiety and even a lot more money if the bride and groom want to take dance lessons for this one special dance.

No need for expensive dance lessons for your wedding

To every problem there is a solution, and when planning a wedding is not the time for expensive solutions. It would be great if the bride and groom could afford to hire their own wedding dance choreographer to help them prepare for their special dance. However, few people have the means. Fortunately, there is an effective and affordable way for you and your intended to get the dance instruction to make your day and your dance a lasting memory.

Joshua Love, a professional wedding dance choreographer, has helped his clients prepare for their perfect wedding dance for many years. Joshua took all that experience and along with his partner Mariela Busheva, created the “Wedding Dance to Remember” 3 DVD set, because they knew that that there are  countless couples who are facing the challenge of their wedding day dances. The DVD set makes it as easy as possible, and is unbelievably affordable.

The “Wedding Dance to Remember” DVD set will allow you to learn a beautiful wedding dance from the comfort of your living room. The three DVD disks provide easy step by step, beginner through advanced instruction for every situation. This is not just about ballroom dancing… Learn specific dances appropriate for your wedding. There are creative moves that are easy for guys while still making them look cool, and the ladies will come off as beautiful and graceful. Visit their website today for even more information on affordable wedding dance lessons.



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