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The devil is in the details of your special wedding dance

As your wedding day draws closer, the stress level increases, and the best team builder and stress release for the couple can be wedding dance lessons. There are so many decisions to make as last minute (or last month) changes pop up. One or more members of the wedding party will not be available. You become aware of several dietary restrictions for which you did not prepare. The wedding budget is spiraling out of control. So many decisions to make and the pressure continues to mount. Traditional weddings are beautiful events that require a remarkable amount of planning. Like a fine piece of machinery, the more parts you have the more that can go wrong. Like every other venture in life, the most successful people are the ones who turn adversity into opportunity.

In addition to all the possibilities that can go wrong, you have to prepare for a time honored tradition, which may be a life- long dream. You must prepare for your first wedding dance. Traditionally, your first dance at your reception should be your long awaited first dance together as a married couple. Customarily, couples dance to “their song” or a special piece of music that holds significant meaning to them. The moment is huge, as you are the center of attention for the day, and you get the dance floor all to yourselves. It’s a wonderful chance to symbolize the beginning of a lifetime together and a romantic moment as well as a wonderful photo opportunity that your guests will love.

Going viral with your wedding dance video

If you watch videos online, there are countless wedding dances over the years that gained unbelievable attention because they were special or unique dances, and it is wonderful to be known as someone who has incorporated your own distinctive dance. However, on the same websites you can find literally hundreds of wedding videos where something went wrong during the dance. Most people laugh their way through it and accept it for what it is, but you can be sure that they had much rather had things go smoothly. Add the possibility of your wedding dance going wrong, and watch the needle on the stress meter begin to jump.

Team building and stress release

Many couples plan for their dance by hiring a wedding dance choreographer or taking dance lessons at a ballroom dance studio. The truth is that many couples simply do not have the budget for dance instruction. However, Joshua Love, a renowned wedding dance choreographer has developed a 3 DVD set called “Wedding Dance to Remember.” Joshua knows the challenges that couples face as their wedding day approaches, so he developed the DVDs to help you make it as easy as possible without breaking the bank. In fact, you can purchase the DVD set for about the cost of a first date. The lessons are designed to help couples of any ability from inexperienced to advanced couples who are seeking to add something unique to their wedding dance. It is a great stress breaker as you laugh and learn together in the comfort of your living room while saving $1,000′s that you would normally spend taking dance lessons at a studio. Visit the website today and be sure to enter in the honeymoon vacation contest. Order your DVD set and let the wedding dance lessons begin.



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